Ph.D, English, UC Riverside

Echoing Nietzsche, Frantz Fanon at the end of Black Skin, White Masks writes, “Before it can adopt a positive voice, freedom requires an effort at disalienation. At the beginning of his life a man is always clotted, he is drowned in contingency. The tragedy of man is that he was once a child.” As a student of English literature, I have come to understand that culture and society exist in a symbiotic relationship and that cultural studies and theory bleed over into society at large. In addition, I have realized art is a part of the ideological forces that shape and condition society, even when it is produced for its own sake. This is why I believe that postcolonial theory, literature, and the practice of decolonizing—with race and gender theories as outcomes—have a wider applicability than to just postcolonial studies and literature.”

(Excerpted from SOP, 604 words)

Although many people outside of Asia have a commonly held stereotype of Asian education, namely that children are churned out of a factory that privileges tests and student rankings, my early years in Korea were an endless struggle to resist and evade an oppressive education system. While being trained to “hack” standardized state tests at school, my liberal parents gave me the freedom at home to pursue my own interest. I spent this time completely absorbed in Japanese comic books, French and Korean classic films and fantasy novels”

(Excerpted from PS, 549 words)

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  • SOP: 604 words
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