FULBRIGHT, Master, Music Conducting (Univ. of Illinois).

For centuries, classical music has reflected the passage of time along which it has evolved. Listening to classical music, in this regard, is like learning history. Reflecting on such a history, in a master’s program in orchestral conducting, I would like to investigate ways to deliver music with balanced energy in order to not distract listeners in their musical consciousness and to create means to enlarge people’s aural experience. I believe that…

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I think the conductor is the least important person on stage because she or he makes no sound at all. However, the conductor is the most influential individual on stage because she or he is the only person who has visual contact with all members of the orchestra. The reason I started studying conducting was that I derived great enjoyment from being together and maintaining eye contact with the orchestra in the process of making music. The more I study this field, the more fascinated I am in interacting with the members and developing a shared direction in music. I have had the opportunity…

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저는 음악, 오케스트라 지휘를 전공하고 있습니다. 해외에서는 예능 분야에도 많은 리소스와 합격자들이 있음을 보았지만, 우리나라에서는 제가 지원했을 당시에도 그랬었고 예능, 음악 분야는 활발하지 않은 것 같아요. 풀브라이트 지원시 작성했던 학업계획서와 자기소개서입니다.

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