Master, Finance, Princeton & MIT & Columbia & U Chicago

My research interest in using data to illuminate the risk transmission process has inspired me to pursue a Master in Finance degree at Princeton. Studying business administration and financial economics, I came to recognize that identifying such process requires systemic approaches to risk management. Complementing my major with courses Econometrics, Statistics, Analysis, and Linear Algebra, I understood…

(Excerpted from SOP(essay), 1,000 words)

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Owner’s comments:

This is SOP that got admitted into Finance / Financial Engineering Masters program for Princeton (Master of finance), MIT (Master of finance), Columbia (Master of Financial Engineering) University. I stood out from other SOPs in that I was dedicated into Academic Finance (research) and that I am looking to use the Masters program as a bridge to Ph.D. programs.

**Notes from administrator: we confirmed his admission letters for all aforementioned universities (Princeton, MIT, Columbia, and UChicago).

  • 2021 Fall Application
  • SOP : 1000 words
  • 1 Private Equity Internship
  • Strong Recommendation Letter from Professor (who attended; taught at the University that I attended)
  • Admission from 6 programs