Master, Architecture, Cornell & UPenn

The senior studio proposal for the Seoul Metropolitan Government Regenerating Underdeveloped Area Project caught the attention of the locals when it was exhibited at Seoul City Hall. I realized that my representation of the proposal was driving people’s real-world reactions and movements. The first question that came from residents was,…

(Excerpted from SOP(essay), 782 words)

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Owner’s comments:

Please check all the universities where you want to apply and analyze the questions thoroughly. This SOP is strictly limited to my resume and it is a very personal answer. However, this SOP will guide you on how to arrange your experiences layout and your opinion in the essay.

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$60.00 – $60.00
  • 2020 Fall Application
  • SOP(essay): 782 words
  • 학사 후 바로 지원 (휴학, 유예 없음)
  • 실무경력 2달(방학)
  • University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University 모두 합격
  • 장학금 확보(Cornell)