Grad School Applications (21)

# Field of Study Grad School Degree SOP PHS CV Etc.
Architecture Cornell & UPenn Master O
Chemical Engineering Univ. of Delaware Ph.D. O O
Civil engineering Texas A&M Ph.D. O O
English UC Riverside Ph.D. O O O **
Electrical & Computer Eng. Ohio State Univ. Ph.D. O
Electrical & Computer Eng. UT Austin Ph.D. O O
Entertainment Industry Mgmt. Carnegie Mellon Master O
Finance Princeton & MIT (+2 more) Master O
Geology Univ. of Kansas Ph.D. O O
Geology (Petroleum Engineering) Texas A&M Master O O
History/East Asian Studies Cornell & Brown Ph.D. O
Human-Computer Interaction Carnegie Mellon Master O
Industrial Org. Psychology Central Michigan Ph.D. O O
Immunology UC Davis Ph.D. O O
Math Education Michigan State Ph.D. O O
Mathematics UC Berkeley Ph.D. O O O
Mechanical Engineering Brown & Minnesota Master O O O **
Mechanical Engineering UIUC Ph.D. O O *
Planning & Public Policy Rutgers Ph.D. O O O **
Physics Northwestern Ph.D. O
Urban Studies Portland State Ph.D. O O
Note. *: Interview PPT is included. **: Scholarship application is also available.


Scholarship Applications (6)

# Scholarships Field of Study Degree Ref. Grad doc
Korea Government Scholarship Planning & public policy Ph.D. Yes
Fulbright Planning & public policy Ph.D. Yes
Fulbright English Ph.D. Yes
Fulbright Second Language Studies Ph.D.
Fulbright Music Conducting Master
Hackers Bridge Scholarship Mechanical Engineering Master Yes


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